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【The most professional resource recycling service expert】Zero zero combines Dafeng Environmental Protection's years of recycling experience, zero waste, zero waste, and the spirit of green life into a vertically integrated IoT platform!zerozero redefines environmental protection services, allowing you to quickly complete recycling through multi-device support - mobile phones, tablets, computers . Practice recycling and promote environmental protection in a simple and pleasant way, and let the earth see Taiwan from you and me! ! .Your portable environmental consultant, let you handle private and public affairs with one finger, and master the circular economy in one hand!Our services have the following four items, hoping to meet your needs:【Recycling punch card - Resource recycling service is by your side】Don't know where to recycle? Let the recycling map show the nearest recycling location and say Bye Bye to the garbage truck!Let recycling become your new life movement worth sharing,After completing the recycling and then punching in, you can also earn Z coins for good health, and quickly make recycling a new life activity worth sharing.Immediately open the map and look for nearby places that provide recycling, and join the ranks of recycling and punching in to earn Z coins!【Home Appliance Recycling - One Finger Recycling Waste Home Appliances】Recycling items include (computers, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and unmovable waste appliances), etc., one-finger recycling, appointment service, 24-hour free service!【Waste car recycling - sell a good price, quickly make an appointment for our on-site service】Scrap cars and locomotives, simple, legal and fast!Provide you with online appraisals, online technicians, and complete services; complete all scrapping processes with one finger, instant quotation, special consultation, free towing to the house, and zero zero knows the value of old cars best.【Document Destruction – Zero Leakage of Corporate Confidentiality】Standardized and rationalized charges, the price is reasonable and reasonable!Closed-Loop confidential document destruction mechanism, the whole process of destroying image monitoring, allows your confidential documents to be destroyed safely and completely, providing "Destruction Certificate" and "Destruction Control Form", service quality is guaranteed-------------------------------------------------- -------【Official website】【Official FB】【Official IG】【Life History】【media reports】 -------Zero zero makes your life very simple, and playing green is more zero allows enterprises to have 24-hour personal environmental zero One person recycling is an example, a group of people recycling is zero recycling new life movement.©2019 zero zero"
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