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    piggy factory

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    May 30 2023

SAKURA browser

Everyone looking for a high-speed browser with lightweight,Everyone was saving the packet fee, by all means, piggy browser and the trial ☆☆ ad block featured Not only the display, also received in that blockTime to receive the publicity you can also save even packet fee.Saving mobile power and the battery that has been used in advertising ☆☆ image compression featured By receiving image occupying a lot of traffic after compressionIt saves the packet generation and communication time. The upper limit of the amount of communicationIt can be delayed from reaching.(It can be about half the capacity of the image.)☆ fast browsing Not that I thought Naa slow browser?By a variety of high-speed, it promises a fast operation.Operation lightly, the fact that the fast is just exhilarating it.☆ full screen mode equipped (also equipped with normal mode)Full-screen mode and ad blockBy a combination, it can be devoted to the original content.Would you like to save time for examine.Changes in ☆ version 1.33The most was the conventional paid user like limitedChanged as available to free users like☆ 2016/2/6I reset the trial history of the paid function.Please also try again by all means you who previously to try.☆ 2016/3/20Change the setting of the image compression server,Improvement in response, optimization of image quality implementation.
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Version : 4.84 for Android 4.4及更高版本

更新日期 : 2022-02-17

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