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    Dec 22 2023

Lie Detector Prank

Lie Detector App or Lie detection Prank is just a prank app which will not tell you whether a person is telling truth or lies like Polygraph. Use Lie Detector Test Fingerprint Prank to test if your friends lie or tell the truth for fun. Lie Detector Test Fingerprint Prank scans your finger print and determines TRUE(real), or FALSE (lie).Tap and hold your finger while speaking on the lie detector fingerprint scan machine. After detection, the Lie detector will test lies based on your finger print.Ask your friend a question and tell him/her to put any of your finger on the spot marked with fingerprint, Than the application will present prank answer.The application will respond answers randomly. Start the finger print scan and say something to see if it is true or a lie. Now a days it is hard to guess who is telling a lie or truth.If you have a question to ask to your friends, family or other and you asked but you have doubt and now the big problem is the answer of your question is truth or lie?Download This Android Application and Make Fun with your friends to make them fool.This lie detector app is just for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true lie detecting or scanning functionality.How To UseLie Detector Test Fingerprint Prank pretends whether you are telling the truth or lying.1- Download This Android Phone Application2- Put Finger on Finger print Scanner for lie truth detector3- Keep Pressing and speaking.4- Wait for the result.5- Share if you want.Let,s Enjoyed.Lie Detector Test Fingerprint Prank is a fun game which simulates a fingerprint scanner for detecting lies. Prank and make fun of your friends, kids or others by getting them to think you can detect if they are lying to you.You can have fun with your friends by asking them random questions while they placing their finger on the scanner section of a screen, once they answer to the question their finger will be scanned and show then whether they are true or false.With Lie Detector Test Fingerprint Prank you can now Detect whether your are honest or Lie. Lie Detector prank scans your finger print and returns the result in TRUE (honest) or false (Lie).Lie Detector Test Fingerprint Prank App is for fun and entertainment purpose so use can easily make prank with your friends and family. Lie Detector Test Fingerprint Prank is a free prank app and will not actually detect if a person is lying. Try out this free and unique finger lie detector prank app for checking if some one is cheating and making you fool by just scanning his fingerprints on the lie detector machine.Lie Detector Test Fingerprint Prank uses finger print simulator so you have to put your finger on scanner and wait some time the app will give the result.DISCLAIMER:Lie or real is not determined by your finger print. This app is a prank app - does not really detect if a person lies.Enjoy scanning your family and friends fingerprints and catch them lying you!!!
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