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    Jan 10 2024


In Jonny vs Zombie: Zombie Shooter, the events take place shortly after the start of the zombie apocalypse.Based on the name of the game "Jonny vs Zombie: Zombie Shooter" you can immediately tell who this game is about - Jonny!Kill crowds of Zombies with the hands of Jonny, an insanely tough guy who has no trouble blowing Zombie heads!A little about what you will see:Jonny vs Zombie: Zombie Shooter is a zombie shooting game in which you have to repel many waves of Zombies.Fight Zombies! Complete levels, defeat bosses, buy and upgrade weapons, improve your shooting skills. Barricade doors to control the flow of zombies on the level. Crush cabinets to smash the Zombies and slow down the oncoming crowd.The game provides escape routes - these are jumping points and special ladders. Don't forget about them.Jonny vs Zombie: Zombie shooter is a great choice to spend your time!
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