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2020 #GooglePlayBestOf Personal Growth Best Personal Growth AppEfforts to avoid food, lose weight, lose fat and exercise, need to record diet and observe changes more quickly and conveniently?Pay attention to physical health management and want to change your eating habits, but don't know where to start?Have food allergens, you have to be careful with your meals, and feel tired from time to time?If you have the above incurable diseases, download HealthBuy - Daily Diet Helper now!HealthBuy is the first APP tool in Taiwan to identify dietary information. Through the combination of data technology and nutrition, nutritionists are "packed" into mobile phones that are indispensable for modern people. According to different dietary needs, link your physical status, give exclusive personal calorie information, nutritional intake and nutritionist reminders, and at the same time avoid allergic ingredients, so that nutrition labels are no longer just the numbers on the package, but your diet Exclusive password.How to use HealthBuy:Just enter your physical state, select the desired diet and health needs, scan the barcode, search for the food you are buying, and HealthBuy will immediately identify the nutritional information of the food for you, calculate the nutritional content and calorie, and easily plan your daily diet!HealthBuy can help you:Know your daily calorie goals: dedicated nutrition and calorie recommendations to keep you well-fed and fullLearn about food nutrition information: how to eat with diet control? Scan and search to knowIdentifying dietary traffic lights: Can't understand nutrition labels? Traffic lights help you interpretReview your health diary: record your daily meals and clearly review your dietary goalsLink mobile devices: Link HealthKit, devices and health APP, display daily calorie consumptionExplore new knowledge and activities: the latest information on nutrition and diet, accompany you to understand food and life There are no unhealthy foods, only unsuitable onesThe right dietary concepts and habits can help you achieve the goals you want and move towards the sparkling existence in your heart.HealthBuy accompanies you to make diet management no longer difficult and painful, download and use it for free, and start a new life of balanced diet that belongs to you!
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